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Worried mum to be

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    Dear Smallcat,

    There is nothing much you can do about it, but I am not discouraging you, having a baby is a wonderful thing however having a baby in HK is tough. So people with infants normally don't go out often or prefer to go in places nearby. If you have a helper its much easier for you. In my case, I usually get around with a pram but I always had a problem in MTR stations, some doesn't have an access for prams and you will find it are narrower, so you need to get the baby out from the pram for you get to through. And also their lift sometimes is not on the street level so you still need to go in staircase or an escalator. I always bring my hubby with me so I have someone to help me especially in the staircases, I am also a petite woman so its much harder for me. If I am alone, I usually bring a backpack so I can put all my baby's essentials there and I got a free hand to move with the baby in a sling. I'm sure you'll get along. Regarding the hospital, we find public is practical and I recommend it. Not only its cheap but their services is quite good once you get in the system.

    I hope you enjoy your pregnancy! Cheers!

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    We use a pram and have had no issues with the mtr - most have lifts, and you learn quickly which don't. But if you're going to be using buses it's more difficult.

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    Hi Smallcat,

    Just to give another perspective, I didn't find having a newborn in HK tough at all.

    I carried my son in a sling for about 3 or 4 months with no trouble (and he was a big baby, so not particularly light). After that I used a push chair - an iCandy which is big and heavy, but both my son and I loved it. I've read many posts about how you can't use a push chair in HK (or one of any weight), but I didn't have any problems. Admittedly I have a car so it was is easier for me in terms of car transport, as collapsing a heavy push chair when using taxis isn't so easy, but I still found getting around okay. I just found the MTR stations / walking routes that were push chair friendly and used those. Learning which MTRs to avoid because they are too hard etc., but really most transport problems can be overcome. To be honest, I think it's a matter of attitude as well.

    Nearly all of my friends with babies (and most of us are onto our second ones now) took them out from just weeks old, so I don't really agree that most people with infants don't go out much. I was a bit shell shocked with my first baby, and going out a lot ended up being essential to my sanity. I took him everywhere for months. Just breastfed him when I needed to, with a maternity cover (in Starbucks or breastfeeding rooms in baby shops, or even just sitting on public seating in a mall) and worked out the best places to change him (public toilets in malls that have baby changing facilities). Being in a sling was very soothing for him so it was all very easy. After that he would just take naps in his push chair, which I'd cover with some material when he seemed tired, and again it was all easy. Most malls are easy to get around with a push chair.

    With regards to healthcare, as people have said, that's nothing to worry about here, and the Queen Mary is one of the best public hospitals.

    With regards to pollution...well, I think that's probably a worry for everyone.

    Good luck with everything anyway. Don't be daunted about getting around Hong Kong. Just be determined to do it and have your freedom, and you'll be absolutely fine. As others have said, you'll find a way whatever your circumstances.

    Would love to know how you didn't know you were pregnant until 20 weeks! I'm always amazed how that can happen.

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    agree completely!

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    Thanks for your help everyone!

    Yes I always thought people were lying when they said they didn't know! Normal periods (for me, I've been quite light and irregular since coming off the pill), no sickness or strange symptoms! First I knew of it was a little bulge in my tummy! I expect the move out here probably distracted me from anything that I might have noticed normally.

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    We had our little girl in QMH this January. Wonderful hospital.
    Just make sure that, if you want to BF, that you're going to BF. Their policy might be that they support it, but we found that not all staff sees the importance or benefits for the baby. You don't want nipple confusion just because some nurse says it's necessary to feed your newborn 70ml on the first BF!! Actually, she told my wife (imagine a good 2 hours after giving birth) that she should be able to pump 70ml if she would only have BF and no formula! No woman can do that the first time! That's crazy.

    We insisted on BF only. And they let us. Our little girl is not so little anymore!

    But honestly, I couldn't have wished for more from a hospital. Especially checking out was wonderful!

    Anyways, back to your talk.

    We have 5 carriers for our baby. 1 that we bought as soon as we found out we were expecting.
    We had this romantic image of a baby snuggled up in a cloth in front of your belly.
    Well.. we had another one given to us, more of an African type carry cloth.
    We tried them and used them only once. Our baby just didn't seem comfy in it.
    Also; you carry all the weight on one shoulder.

    A baby bjorn, wonderful for the first few months, because the baby is still very small and this one is adjustable to newborn size. She's upright in front of you and when she's older you can turn her.
    Downside, I regularly feel my neck after carrying it. I'm not Chinese and I really carry this one with my upper body. If I was shorter it may have been better for me.
    The good thing is that it's relatively light weight and very safe. And nice and airy for the kid.
    (you'll sweat like crazy with her hot body on your belly)

    We have an ergo a backpack without the inside part, so the baby still touches you but you can almost totally hide her from the world. just her legs will hang out if you close the cover.
    My wife loves this one!
    The baby is nice and close. Sleeps well in it. And most importantly the weight is for 90% on your hips. Not on your back. I'm telling you ...that makes all the difference!
    easy to put on, even when you're alone. When the baby is around a year old you can carry it on your back like a backpack.

    I love the stroller. We have a small one that's easy to steer. I live right outside a mall and with the escalators and elevators everywhere getting around is not a problem. I don't sweat half as much and I can easily eat my meal or drink coffee without the risk of spilling.
    We don't live on Mid-levels or anything, I cannot imagine the burden of walking up there with a stroller, but for the rest of HK it works fine.

    So, I would say, find a stroller for the longer walks and trips and an Ergo for the taxi-rides and climbing steps. You'll do fine.

    One more tip that has nothing to do with this, but I wish someone told me 3 months ago. Watch that video Dunstan Baby Language. That Australian mom that was on Oprah with her explanation of baby language.
    With my baby it's spot on. I'm just finding out now. But it would have saved me a lot of worry and searching if I was able to understand the cries better.


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    Hey Rick

    That baby language thing did not work on my baby.... She seemed to have her own language!

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