To all mothers in Hong Kong!

I am an experienced playgroup, pre-school and kindergarten teacher. With 5 years teaching experience I would like to open some of my own classes.

I would be opening a class for N1 & K1 children and a class for K2 & K3 children.

My class content will be similarly run to a playgroup.
Parents will be allowed and encouraged to join in the class activities. Each child is allowed to bring 2 adults along to the class with them, it is encouraged that mothers and fathers attend together.

Each class will have the following...

- 15 minutes exercise/singing and dancing
- 30 minutes arts & crafts/ activity & games
- 15 minutes 'circle time' where children can have some biscuits and juice and give the parents a chance to have chat.
- 10 minutes story time
- 5 minutes singing and dancing

Everything will be provided, so its simply a case of showing up and having a good time! Its a great way to meet other mums, something to look forward to once a week and it gets you out of the house!

Here's a few things I would like some feedback on, my aim is to make the lesson as practical for mothers and fathers as possible.

1. The class would be 1 hr 15 mins, do you feel this is long enough?
2. How much would you pay for a class like this?
3. Would you join a class like this?
4. The max. amount of students to 1 class is 5.
5. What would you add/remove from the class content?

All feedback is appriciated!

Thanks! :)