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Nappy creams, moisturizing creams and soaps... Oh my!

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    Nappy creams, moisturizing creams and soaps... Oh my!


    Nearing the end and starting to really feel the nesting instinct kick in! I've been told many brands to try for nappy creams, moisturizing creams and different bath soaps to buy for my LO. My mom used to use Vaseline on me when I was a baby, but nowadays I've been told Vaseline prohibits the baby's skin from breathing so it's not good. Any brands you may recommend? I've seen Sebamed at Watson's and Mannings,any experience with this brand?

    I would prefer a brand I can buy at a local supermarket or pharmacy instead of baby speciality stores that are rather inaccessible to me (I live in east Kowloon).

    How are J&J products? Still tried tested and true?

    In Canada, the aveeno line is very popular but I haven't seen them around HK.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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    We used nothing but water in the bath until he was a month old, now we use a couple of squirts of jj baby wash in the water. We used vaseline a couple of times if his bum looked a bit red, but otherwise nothing. His skin got a little dry back in feb when we had the heating on so we used a dab of jj moisturiser a couple of times. That's it. The best thing for your baby's skin is nothing at all unless it's necessary, it needs to work out it's own balance of natural oils etc.

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    You can find Aveeno products here in places like City Super's organic cosmetics section in Causeway Bay but it is way overpriced in my opinion.

    A much cheaper and convenient option is They carry Aveeno products as well as other baby-friendlly brands. We buy all our vitamins, supplements, organic supplies, groceries and toiletries from them. I'm even contemplating buying our laundry detergents from them. You pay US prices and they ship to Hong Kong via DHL within 3 - 5 days. Shipping charges are low. My last shipment was about 9kg and my shipping charges were US$17.

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    I live in Tseung Kwan O and I've seen Aveeno products in the local dispensaries. I used Sebamed nappy cream till recently (also available in the local pharmacies) and tried the moisturiser but stopped it for the frivolous reason as I wasn't hot on the fragrance.

    I have also used J&J's organic line of shower, shampoo and moisturiser. I know J&J supposed to be the big bad wolf but I'm not that fussed.

    However, I recently switched to Chicco products (paraben free), but they're not available near where I live.

    A tip of buying all baby stuff... identify what you want to buy and then check if the local pharmacies have it. They're always a fair bit cheaper.

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