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Circumcision and recommended surgeons?

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    Circumcision and recommended surgeons?

    Hi there, I want to circumcise my LO. Can anyone recommend surgeons and/or paediatricians in HK experienced with this procedure with good previous records? I am from Canada, and my OB/GYN has a paeditrician already lined up for me, but i do not have his contact info to ask about these things yet as I am still at 38 weeks and apparently I'll meet him when I deliver (weird). any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    You seem to have made up your mind already, if so there are numerous threads on here with paediatrician names/recommendations. The following is worth a read before you go ahead with an irreversible procedure...

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    Hi RookieMom,

    Here's a list of recommended doctors that have come highly recommended by other mums in Hong Kong. We only have prices for some of them.

    1. Dr Rulin Fuong
    He can do the procedure in his clinic; cost is about $7,000 + an extra $4,000 for the nurse and dressing.

    2. Dr Ken Chan
    Another popular doctor but will only operate at Matilda Hospital. His cost is HK$8,800 + hospital charges ($4,200 if you deliver there or $10,600 and up if you deliver elsewhere)

    3. Dr Eugene Kwan
    He's from the same clinic as Dr Rulin Fuong and is just as popular.

    4. Dr John Ngan
    Has often been described as being very personable and having great bedside manner

    5. HK Specialists Centre
    HK specialists center are a circumcision clinic and all procedures are carried out in their clinic. They charge $5,000 - 7,000 all in depending on what kind of procedure you pick. For infants, they recommend the sutureless procedure which is about $6,000.

    We hope that helps!

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    Teria is offline Registered User
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    Highly recommend Dr. Ken Chan -- he performed the circumcision on all my sons and is totally worth the premium. He checks on the newborns as a whole, rather than just on the post surgical care. Fee is about $8800 now if you deliver at Mathilda.

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    Mrs P00n is offline Registered User
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    Thanks Teria - do you have Dr Ken Chan as children's pediatrician as well?

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    skylab_888 is offline Registered User
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    I recommend Dr. Ken Chan...

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    catkat is offline Registered User
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    My husband comes from a family of both circumcised and un. He is 100% for it as his uncle who is not circumcised got an infection later in life and was told by his doctor that it sometimes happens regardless of how clean you are. Plus, just from a personal viewpoint I think an uncircumcised thingy looks so unhappy and

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    Sorry to hijack the thread but I have been thinking about circumcision for my son who is 17 mo old. Where I gave birth they didn't perform circumcision upon delivery. So, my question is, is it too late to circumcise a 17 month old? Is it too painful for him? How long is the recovery time?

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