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Survey: What hours do you give your helper off on rest days?

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    Survey: What hours do you give your helper off on rest days?

    I'd like to know how people handle helper rest days. I know it is a minimum of 24 hours, but what specific period have you chosen for your helper?

    From what I've read in different threads, a lot of people do 9pm Saturday-9pm Sunday or something like that, but my husband often works from 9am-midnight or later on weekdays and often has to spend time working on weekends too, so Saturday night is the only guaranteed date night we have together. I would like a helper to be able to babysit (when baby arrives) on Saturday nights. Unofficially, she'd be free to go to her room whenever we get home Saturday evening. Officially, I was thinking of suggesting a rest day from 7am Sunday morning to 7am Monday morning, but I haven't seen anybody else mention their helper's rest day ending on a Monday morning. Is this reasonable? Or do most people let their helpers have Saturday night off instead of Sunday night?

    And on a related note, would our helper be able to leave the house Saturday nights after we get home if it's not part of her "official" rest day? For that matter, if her normal working hours are 7am-8pm, can she leave the house after 8pm all the other days of the week if she wants to?

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    of course she can go out if you do not need her. she is not required to spend every minute in your home. some take classes, go for walks, meet friends, go to bible study etc. of course, this is with your permission and agreement.

    for us, we give saturday to sunday night off but i do not expect her to start working when she comes home in the evening. we basically do not require her to work until monday morning.

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    We give ours all of Sunday off. She does babysit on Saturday nights for us if we go out. As she lives in, it is easier as she just watches TV or rests on the couch or in her room. If we are not going out then she finishes as usual by around 7.30pm on Saturday night.

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    Our helper gets the whole of Sunday off and we have an agreement if she is coming back after midnight or wants to stay out, she needs to text me by 10pm. If she does stay out, then she has to be back by 7am the next morning and has to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work. She's only stayed out once the entire time she's been with us and actually spends most of her Sundays hanging out at home.

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