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Clomid and heavy period??

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    Clomid and heavy period??

    Hi all...

    I am currently trying to conceive baby #2.....and havent had much success despite actively trying for a while. Last month, i went to see my doctor who prescribed clomid 25mg to me (once per day for 5 days). Sadly..i didnt get pregnant last month and i find that my period for this month is extremely heavy and painful !!! is this a common side effect of clomid or what? Should i be worried if something is wrong? i never experienced such heavy period before....

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated!!! Thanks so much!


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    Hi Dianeb, I didn't notice much changes, guess everyone's different. Is best to ask your doctor to put your mind ease.

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    Another possibility (depending on how closely that you've been monitored etc) is that it could be an early miscarriage - I had an early miscarriage at about 5-6 weeks before. My periods were irregular so I could have completely missed the pregnancy, but took a test and also saw a doc (due to my irregular periods, I could have been as far along as 8-9 weeks). He confirmed the pregnancy and estimated how far along I was, but I started bleeding the following day. If I hadn't known I was pregnant, I would have just thought it was a really heavy period.

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