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Dr. K.W. Lam at Veritas (Dr. Ghosh's partner)

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    Dr. K.W. Lam at Veritas (Dr. Ghosh's partner)

    Just a quick question - does anybody know if Dr. Lam still works with Dr. Ghosh at Veritas Medical? Her name is listed on the website, but in the 5 visits I've had so far, I've never seen her. I've also never seen a pregnant patient at Veritas called in by anybody other than Dr. Ghosh, so I'm wondering if there still is a second doctor or not.

    Has anybody experienced a delivery with Dr. Lam, in the event that Dr. Ghosh was unavailable?

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    Hi, I was delivered by Dr Lam in 2011 because I was not at Matilda and Dr Ghosh was on call at the hospital so could not attend. Fortunately, Dr Ghosh had also been on holiday a couple of weeks before so Dr Lam had also done my last check-up. I found her calm and capable. She came very promptly in the middle of the night and did not rush anything. She respected my desire for a natural drug-free birth. I have to admit her bedside manner was not as great as Dr Ghosh but her quality of care was very good. I have no idea where she is when Dr Ghosh is around. I agree I have never seen her at the clinic except when Dr Ghosh is away. Perhaps she practises at Stanley Veritas?

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