Hi all,

I met a Filipina helper through my daughter's playgroup and she is currently looking for new employment. She was a direct hire from the Philippines to HK and has been working with her current family for about 7 months. She's 25 years old and has a 2 year old son back home. Although she has not worked with me, I have seen her with the little boy (2 yo) she takes care of, and she seems very good with him. He knows lots of things, like numbers, the alphabet, numerous songs, days of the week, colors, shapes, names of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and she's been teaching him all of that. She also does house cleaning, ironing and the usual domestic helper stuff.

I considered hiring her for my own family, but we're moving to Singapore this summer, so it would be a bit pointless.

If you are interested in interviewing her, please call or text 6547 0775.