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Q re: Baby's HK PR status through Chinese descent

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    Q re: Baby's HK PR status through Chinese descent

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has come across something like this before. Our baby was born in HK in late 2012. My husband and I are both Chinese born in mainland China, but now we hold U.S. and Canadian passports, respectively, and are HK residents with HKIDs on work visas (not PRs yet). When we registered for baby's birth, the officer said the baby's permanent residency is "Not Established" and that's on her birth certificate. We didn't think about it too much at the time, but now, after further investigation, it seems like that the baby has the right to HK PR status because of her Chinese descent and being born in HKSAR. Now we want to appeal, and get her PR status and a Home Return Permit. Would really appreciate it if anyone can share their experience if you've applied for PR in a similar situation, and have any info on the type of evidence needed and the timing, etc.? Thanks!

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    Have a read through this thread.
    HKSAR passport for baby born in HK?

    Think you should try to apply for HKSAR passport for your child. A friend was successful in applying and neither husband nor wife have PR but they do have Chinese descent.

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