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Dr. Ghosh's price list - difficult to obtain!

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    Dr. Ghosh's price list - difficult to obtain!

    Does anybody have a recent price list for Dr. Ghosh? I have asked reception many times, but they always ask me when my next appointment is (implying they'll have it ready by then) and then don't end up giving it to me. When I call to follow up about it, they say they need to ask the doctor and, again, don't end up sending it to me.

    Is there a reason they might be withholding it? Do HK doctors quote different prices to different patients or something like that? I'm not sure why a price list wouldn't be standard and available at the reception desk. Matilda posts theirs online for all to see.

    I'm 22 weeks now - do you think by waiting to give me the price list, they're hoping it will be too late for me to object to it? Confused!


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    Lemme know when you get yours, especially if it's different package :)
    Single: $44K
    Twin: $41K
    Standard: $38K

    Single: $58K
    Twin: $55K
    Standard: $52K

    Single: $66K
    Twin: $61K
    Standard: $56K

    Anaesthetist $12K-$22K
    Paediatrician $8K-$20K

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    Wow his fees have gone up quite a bit, He quoted me $20K for a normal delivery 11 years ago. Another Mum in my baby group paid $25K for a C-section. It was hard to obtain his fees back then too.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Doctors price list should be easily obtained, there shouldn't be any waiting around for it.

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