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Sanatorium or Matilda?

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    Udo_WTS is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2013

    Not sure about other hospitals than the Sanatorium. Package only covers the general expenses for your stay in the hospital (room, bed, food, baby photo, vaccinations, Vitamin K etc.).
    Everything else comes extra (delivery fee for the doctor, attendance fee for the doctor and pediatrician etc.
    If you need a better idea, maybe ask the doctor to provide a cost estimate for your insurance company (whether you actually need it or not) and then add a safety buffer as the total expenses might come out higher.
    We did not find it a big hassle sharing the bathroom - and your room is fully private, has TV and wifi etc.

    all the best

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    stickychocolate is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2014

    I have also been thinking to choose between Sanatorium and Matilda, and to a lesser degree Canossa (though I have to look at their new wards). The main pro of Sanatorium is that if it is a more up to date hospital. But I don't really like the feel of the hospital as it is constantly filled with people and even the waits for the lifts are stressful. The main pro of Matilda is that it really is a 5 star service place that is peaceful and calm. My ob also lives on site which makes it easier. But my family would have to travel up to the Peak which can be inconvenient. I figured if I am comfortable there for the 3-5 days, that is the most important thing. Anyone heard anything about Canossa's new wards?

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    AprilBuddy2014 is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2014

    Hi Stickychocolate, where did you decide to deliver at the end? I visited the maternity ward of canossa while I was trying to make a decision. They did a good job with the renovation. For a quick comparison, the price is the same for a private room in canossa vs a general room in Maltida after factoring in the additional cost for OB if you go for a private room.

    I am leaning toward Canossa mainly for convenience reason. If there is last minute complication, it is a lot easier to go from canossa to QM than from Maltida. The ride up to the peak kinda scared me!

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    usernamekhoo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2017

    Hi sundayyz0,

    I hope you are well.

    I am also with Dr Grace Cheung and is very torn between Matilda and Sanatorium. How was your previous experience though?

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