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Graco Citilite vs. Aprica Karoon vs. Bugaboo Bee

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    shikwan is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2012
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    Hi, we also decided to get the bee when my baby was born, and it was great to use it with the maxi cosi car-seat. Baby slept very well and loved the fact I can keep an eye on him by facing me. Still now, my boy (14mths already) sits very comfortably in it.

    BUT... the bee is very heavy; we don't even keep it in the apartment anymore (kept in the car) since I can't even carry it down a few step of stairs; not to mention going to the mtr. I have never tried carrying my boy and putting the bee in a taxi as it would be a impossible task if I ever travel alone.

    Hope this helps. I still love the bee, but I just can't go anywhere with it alone or anyplace that requires transportation. I did go stroll around when my boy was still a baby, but now i think he prefers the carrier.

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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    Hi we had several different strollers, hand me downs from friends. Initially we used the baby bjorn and maxi cosi carseat. For flat walks I had a heavy duty Graco travel system, which we left in the car, and would only use for walks around the Peak with friends or when I knew there weren't any steps. I invested in a Combi when baby was 6 months and we loved it. Lightweight 3.5Kg, easy to open/close with one hand and easy to travel with. We used it until my little guy was 4.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    zozorro is offline Registered User
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    Hi, we used the Aprica karoon for our boy since he was 6 mths till now. Karoon is really light weight, I can easily carry him and open/close the stroller with one hand and carry up the public bus or even walking up steps. We actually have 2 strollers, one heavier German made stroller and this lightweight karoon. Even though the German made stroller is more sturdier and has wider seat for our boy, we find that we tend to grab the karoon more often because it is just so much easier to handle with its lightweight and one hand open/close function, another word, less clumsy for us. But do take note that because of its lightweight, it does topple backwards easily when u hang slightly heavy stuff on an empty stroller. Therefore if u are going to use it with newborn, I strongly suggest not to hang any thing at all on the stroller. But since my boy is 2yrs old now, his weight is heavy enough to prevent it from toppling backwards even when I hang my heavy grocery bag on the stroller. Also because the back wheels doesn't rotate, therefore if you adjust the seat to face you where the back wheels becomes the front, the stroller doesn't really maneuver around bend that smoothly.

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    ngnhk is offline Registered User
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    May 2013

    Well, I've been to the shops yet again, and I can now fold down the Bee and open it up again at a reasonable speed. The shop lady did it (one-handed!) in a blink, so I think with some practice, it might be okay. I also managed to lift it one-handed - not with "ease," mind you, but at least I could do it while simulating holding baby in a sling. Hoping doing it more often will make my arms stronger.

    We decided the Karoon's two wheel suspension in rear-facing mode is just too much of an annoyance. It is important to me that my son faces me as a newborn, especially because my vision is awful, so the strollers that have those mesh windows in the canopy don't do much for me. I just can't see through the mesh that well - the baby is too far from me at that angle. And we do want him to get used to a stroller so that he doesn't always expect to be carried in the baby carrier.

    I also liked the Aprica Laura, as it has four wheel suspension and maneuvers well, but I did a weight comparison, and it is not much lighter than the Bee. So we've decided just to go with the Bee for now - if I really need a light as air stroller when the baby is 6-7 months, I can deal with that then. Aprica makes an awesome 2.9 kg stroller called "Magical Air" for 7 months and up.

    Thank you all for your input - I really appreciate it!

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    Ladonna1514 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2014

    Hi, Do you have any feedback on how the bee stroller worked out for you in HK? I am in a similar situation, from NYC but moving to HK in September and due in November. I am just wondering on what stroller is best for the newborn? I am not concerned with price, just the ability to get the baby around town, including in and out of taxis. Did you get another stroller when the baby was a little older? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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