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Hypnobirthing class in addition to regular?

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    Hypnobirthing class in addition to regular?

    I'm about 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and for most of my pregnancy thus far, I've been under the impression that I might need a planned c-section for a medical reason. But I've recently confirmed that this issue should not be a hindrance to a vaginal birth.

    I've signed up for childbirth classes at the Matilda, but since I found out that I will probably be able to try for a vaginal birth, I've been mulling over taking hypnobirthing classes. (I am terrified of vaginal birth, so I thought maybe hypnobirthing might help me get over my fears.) I have to admit I have no interest in an unmedicated birth, which is a big part of hypnobirthing. I do think, however, that it would be kind of nice to try and have an intervention-free birth, as I've heard this might reduce the risk of emergency c-sections. And anyway, maybe it would be helpful to just learn some of the breathing and relaxation techniques, even if I opt for medication.

    So my question is: do you think it would be worth taking hypnobirthing classes in addition to the regular childbirth classes? Has anyone taken the class Annerley offers? Or would it be better to just read some books and try to learn techniques that way?

    The hypnobirthing class costs twice as much as the regular Matilda class, so I am going back and forth about whether I should really enroll in both. I'm well aware that there may be no avoiding an emergency c-section in the end, anyway, so in that case, the hypno class might just be a huge waste of money!

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    I've done the Annerly classes and whilst you can read the book, for me its always so much better to have someone there to go through it and teach it to you, same way with any studying. Also you can ask any questions you have plus hear those of other people which you may not have thought of. The classes were really great, only 6 couples, so quite initmate. Important for the hubby to attend also! They show you people giving birth each week - this was a little hard at first to watch but gets easier. Especially when you can see that they are calm and it can be done!

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