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    Hi All

    I just feel so low , feel my head is going to explode

    We had travelled to a location outside HK just to have this iui
    My wife fit all injections , medicines , everything was ready
    I flew here to give semen sample
    To my surprise, I could not give it in the clinic
    They then gave me Viagra 100 mg but I still could not do it
    Despite trying for a long time in various ways
    They then said that may be its due to clinic environment and we try it at home next morning and bring it to the clinic
    We tried at home but nothing happened
    Then went to clinic and could not do it with a bother 100 m Viagra
    That was the last day and the cycle is now wasted
    I was very very upset , still can't believe it happened to me
    Btw I have no history of any such thing and lead a healthy active sex life
    They said it might be due to tension, yes I was tense
    I tired to relax my self but could not do it
    My wife is also devastated , she went thru all the pain and I feel bad I made her go thru this
    . She thinks I was being very careless to have made her go thru all this
    Both could not sleep whole night
    I seem to have lost all sexual desire. , although had intercourse 3 days before the iui date
    ..... Don't know it's my fate or what......

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    So sorry to hear of your situation. Husband had to do into a cup in a clinic and it wasn't the best experience either. It might have been the traveling that you were tired, iui is already stressful enough without all the flying in at the last moment to do it into a cup! Try not to blame yourself. As disappointed as your wife is right now, I am sure she understands. There is always the next cycle. Baby making takes it out of both parties at the end of the day.

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    Sorry to hear that. Must have been frustrating and disappointing. I hope this will not negatively affect the relationship between your wife and yourself. Don't give up!

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