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Would I be denied medical service if not in proper catchment area?

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    If you turn up at a&e with pregnancy complications you get dealt with VERY quickly. But you're right you can't go straight to L&D.

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    You can go to any A&E within Hong Kong. If you are already having your appointments in any of the public hospitals, they will be able to transfer your records from one hospital to another. But if you call for an ambulance, they will just send you to the nearest available hospital. So u don't need to worry which hospital is nearer to your home and whether or not u will be refused admission at A&E. hope this helps.

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    In case of an emergency, I would go straight to Queen Elizabeth if its closer to you.

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    Personally, if it was really a true emergency, you should ALWAYS go to the closest hospital regardless of your catchment area. They cannot and will not turn you away.

    That said, if you have something that could cause premature delivery, but if you can spare the extra 15 min or 30 min to get to a "better" hospital, I would do that. And QMH is the best...

    Ultimately though, if you do go to say QEH, they do have a NICU there and can care for premature babies. If there are complications that mean the baby would be better off at QMH, they will transfer the baby there.

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