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Arrow Helpers

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    Arrow Helpers

    Hi All

    Like most of you, we are expecting and the one headache at the moment is trying to find a helper. We hear alot of horror stories and know that there are still alot of good helpers out there, it just seems like its the luck of the draw, which makes it even more frightening for us. My wifes's friend has hired from a agency called Arrow and so far they have been happy, I have also heard some good mention of them, so it sounds good but I would like to hear if any body else has any experience with them. If it sounds good we might try them. So any help would be greatly appreciated(!)

    many thanks

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    Hello iam looking for a job as helper(live out). Been working in hk for 12 yrs to chinese, korean american family. Iam finished contract and available for interview anytime.if interested sms 97067488.many thanks!

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    if you search i know there was an extensive thread about arrow before.... i've heard good things about them, but found that when i contacted them, there wasn't a lot of follow up... i ended up using a different agency.

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    We've hired two helpers with them, and have been pleased.

    You do need to follow-up a bit, to make sure the staff are doing the fastest job they can with paperwork, etc., but that is true of any agency. The important thing is that they are honest -- in a city with alot of agencies that cheat or take advantage of both helpers and employers. They also seem to genuinely know their helpers and care about them.

    But it is also up to you to do a thourough job of interviewing. Make sure you are clear what you really want -- Younger or older? Is childcare more important, or cooking? What level of English? More independent or more passive?

    Our first helper with them is very independent minded, solid, good English, smart. I feel 100% secure with her at home with a baby while I am at work full-time. In case of emergency, she would keep a level head and know what to do. But she's not great at cooking, which we knew from the beginning. So I do much of the cooking when I can. And she definitely takes her time off -- she has her own life -- which is fine with us.

    The second, newer helper is the opposite -- very soft, more quiet, needs alot of direction, not a mom herself and probably wouldn't be left alone with two babies at this point. The one time she was alone w/ the child while I was at work, I had to tell her to stop calling me in the office.
    But she's a terrific cook, loves being at home (even on her days off) and is great with housework.

    Both are "Arrow girls" and are very different. No agency can 100% guarantee a fit for your family -- you need to make that effort. But I'd recommend them.

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    Apr 2013

    Hi Gracey
    Thanks for the advice. We will most likely go with Arrow and hopefully everything will go ok.

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