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Moving to HK in 2 weeks - 21 weeks pregnant, need hospital advice!

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    About the c-section rate, a lot of Hong Kong women seem to prefer a c-section. So I don't think the 75% rate can be attributed entirely to the doctors. I saw three ob/gyns over 2 pregnancies and all respected my preference to not have a c-sec unless necessary. In the public system, you can be absolutely sure that their policy is pro-standard-vaginal-delivery and pro-breastfeeding. However, if there are complications, like in my case breech position, or having earlier had a c-sec, they will lay out the possibilities and ask you to choose. I assume private-in-public-hospital would have similar policies.

    About breastfeeding in public hospitals, while overall pro-breastfeeding, the practices may differ slightly where you deliver. I've heard mums who delivered at Queen Mary almost unanimously saying they had the baby at bedside from the start. I delivered at United Christian (same as Aquarian I think) and my experience varied between my kids. For my first, after a standard-vaginal-delivery, my son was mostly in the nursery for the first day with us encouraged to breastfeed on a four-hour schedule and at my bedside thereafter (which i frankly found very tiring, since my son was probably hungry and refused to sleep and I refused to give him any formula). For my second, after a c-sec she was in special care unit for a day (due to a pre-diagnosed kidney condition) and once she came up to the nursery, they encouraged me to keep her at my bedside and breastfeed on demand thereafter.

    If you're in a private room, I suspect they'll be happy to let you have the baby at bedside. In the wards, I suspect their policies take into account by other factors like scheduling bathtime, pediatricians rounds and letting the other mums in the wards rest.

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    My ob also told us that each private dr has a quota with their affiliated hospitals.

    if you are considering cord blood or cord tissue banking -- this is ONLY possible through private hospitals. The public hospitals will only do this if you have an immediate need to save the life of an older sibling or family member. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about this... we did extensive research on this topic and met with all the banks and have extensive documentation on how each company works.

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    The high C-section rate is high partly because of some unscrupulous private doctors, but mostly because of local moms. (I say this as someone from a local HK family)

    I don't want to get into the whole thing here, but there's all sorts of mis-information about labor, fears of pain, the (wrong) assumption that natural birth is more dangerous, superstitions, etc. So the rate is high at private hospitals mostly because patients ask for it. There are some cultural oddities, too, like parents who want their babies born on an auspicious date.

    I briefly saw an ob/gyn with my first baby, who was awfully pro- C-section, so I switched. My second ob/gyn, whom I've used for 2 pregnancies, is private but pro-natural. He's a local Cantonese guy with a mostly local clientele -- and is very much for natural birth and breastfeeding. So just find the doctor who is right for you.

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