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Milk Recall - Cow and Gate Stage 3 and Karicare Infant Formulas

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    Milk Recall - Cow and Gate Stage 3 and Karicare Infant Formulas

    Cow & Gate has recalled New Zealand-linked products in Hong Kong and Macau over fears they contain a deadly bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism and affects muscles.

    Recalled Batch: 3178 and 3179
    Best before date: 27 June 2015 and 28 June 2015

    Centre for Food Safety - Food Alert - Not to Consume Milk Formula Produced from Ingredients Suspected of Contamination with Clostridium Botulinum

    Karicare issued a precautionary recall yesterday for all its products.

    More tests ordered on dairy products amid botulism scare | South China Morning Post

    Members of the public can call the Centre of Food and Safety' designated hotline 3978 0600 for any enquiries about the products.

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    Govt to start testing the formula:

    The Centre for Food Safety today started sampling infant formulae manufactured in New Zealand for infants under one year old from local outlets to test if they have been affected by Clostridium botulinum.

    The centre said results are expected in the coming weeks, adding it will consider sampling other food products suspected of being contaminated.

    For the recall exercise of over 80,000 tins of Cow & Gate Happy Kid 3 (growing up formula for one to three years old) (batches 3178 and 3179), the supplier said arrangements have been made with retailers and their hotline is operating smoothly.

    As at 3pm today, the centre's hotline (3978 0600) had received 882 enquiries, while the Department of Health's hotline (2125 1111) received 282.

    Six enquirers said their children had mild symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, sleepiness and weakness, but none were related to suspected Botulism cases.

    New Zealand authorities have confirmed that a current precautionary recall of all batches of Karicare Stage 1 New Baby Infant Formula and Karicare Gold + Stage 2 Follow On Formula instigated by Nutricia of New Zealand is limited to those within New Zealand.

    No new reports of food products being affected were received today. So far no other affected products requiring recall have been found for sale on the local market.

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    Wasn't there another incident concerning another milk product recently out of New Zealand? I'm wondering if this is a symptom of a larger problem in New Zealand health inspection and manufacturing. They've always had such a pristine reputation.

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    Haven't heard of another incident in NZ. Did read this morning about Fonterra considering launching their own milk brand in China.

    Fonterra to Sell Branded Milk Formula in China Despite Recent Contamination Scare - IBTimes UK

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I don't think Cow & Gate Happy Kid 3 is the same as Fronterra? And Fronterra is implicated in the Melamine scandal of a few years ago.

    "Fonterra, the top raw material supplier to China's dairy industry, had refrained from selling its own baby formula in the world's second largest economy owing to the 2008 melamine poisoning incident. Fonterra held a stake in the perpetrator of that scandal, Sanlu. "

    "6 August, 2013

    Fonterra on Saturday announced the international recall of 900 tonnes of contaminated products, including infant formula.

    Thirty eight tonnes of contaminated whey was produced in May 2012, by a dirty pipe at one of Fonterra's processing plants in Waikato.

    China is the destination for 19% of New Zealand's dairy exports. It has banned all imports of New Zealand milk powder products as has Russia."

    Good luck to Fronterra. The Chinese have VERY GOOD memories, and they will not forget Fronterra easily.

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