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Junior doctors/trainees and public hospitals

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    cherrypie is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2013

    Thanks for info - much appreciated :)

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    Liquorice is offline Registered User
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    I had my first at the Prince of Wales by caesarean section and a trainee did that. For a scheduled c-section at the public hospitals, you meet the surgeon one week before. I was completely freaked out when I found out that she was a trainee, which I think annoyed her somewhat. I asked whether she would be supervised by a consultant or qualified doctor during the procedure and she said no, but that one would be around if she needed them. I was very worried that she was doing it on her own.

    Anyway, on the day, the anaesthetist, who was a consultant, had a long chat with me, so clearly others were aware that I was upset about the fact she wasn't qualified. He said that all she did every day was c-sections (the trainee) - all day, every day - so her experience was actually better than a consultant who only does them occasionally. Didn't totally swallow that one, but it did make me feel better.

    She was very good, and the whole thing was fine (in terms of medical care anyway, bedside manner left a lot to be desired). The anaesthetist who gave me the spinal block was a consultant, but I had other trainees putting the IV drips in, which was very painful as they couldn't get it right and kept jabbing me in the same spot all the time. In the end the consultant did that too because they weren't managing.

    Ultimately, I don't think they put trainees in responsible positions if they can't handle it. But that's just my experience / opinion.

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    ngnhk is offline Registered User
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    May 2013

    Yikes. A trainee doing a c-section? That would freak me out, too. I have a birth plan, in case I do have to deliver in a public hospital (I'm booked into a private hospital but extremely paranoid the beds will be full and I'll have to go to a public hospital - I'm due end of October, which is apparently "peak baby season.")

    In the plan, the first line literally says "no trainees." I wonder if a public hospital can or would accommodate that request.

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    Hong kong

    I was at UCH and had asked for no trainees but was told it would depend on who was available at the time. I needed an emergency c/s at 1am and it was done by apparently a 12 year old dr and anesthesatist. I was not happy but there was no one else available and the dr said he would be monitored by a senior dr.

    To be fair they did a great job and the anesthesatist gave me a regional anesthetic- which is what I wanted- even though the senior drs I had spoken to previously had insisted I would have to have a general.

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    CBdue December is offline Registered User
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    Mid Levels

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm booked in at QMH and the care so far has left a little to be desired. Great to hear that the midwives go above & beyond.

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