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Phonics class - 4 year old International school student

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    Phonics class - 4 year old International school student


    We are local HK Chinese but my son has been raised speaking English as his first language. I've planned to focus his after school tutoring in Chinese classes, believing that we should/could rely on school to teach him English. However I just realized quite a few classmates can read and write English while my son can only recognize all alphabets and find words based on the first letter - based on the school's teaching.

    Very Tempted to let him have one class per week on phonics - make seance? Or am I being too nervous (as Reception year just started!)?

    Any good recommndaon for causeway bay / happy valley ? Oxford RWI course at ABC Pathway? Sun kids in happy valley?

    Many tks in advance.

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    Hi. Your son is only 4, so yep I'd advise you to relax. It's true that many kids here are pushed very early to read and write however this does not appear to have any particular long term benefit. Remember in many European countries, kids don't enter a school building before the age of 5. I've been teaching English in Hong Kong for 16 years and sure a phonics class won't hurt, just be careful where you send your son. Phonics is now a 'thing' in Hong Kong, but not all centres or teachers understand what phonics is and how that should be combined with reading strategies. Phonics was designed to teach native English speaking children to read, not to spell or write. In my work in Hong Kong I have adapted the approach for non native speaking children. I think you can do a lot of reading work at home yourself with your son in a more relaxed environment. Make reading fun and your son will love it.!


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    Dear Katrina, your comments on English learning provided some insights for me, thx!! Kathy

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    I used to send my children to Phonicsland ,in Causeway Bay. They are by far the best in H K.

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