Hi everyone,

I AM TIRED- tired of changing helpers and retraining them and it all ended up each time with wasted effort and frustration. I am pretty sure many mums out there felt the same too.

We are living in HK, such an international,cosmopolitan city where convenience and efficiency makes the whole city full of positive vibes and life to it- but why after being a mum has made me change the whole perspective of this.....

I really have enough of Full time helpers.
As my birthday is coming soon this month, I really longed for a godsend service/person to just fulfill my tiny little wish. The wish is that I hope to find someone to pick up my kid after 4pm, back home for a snack, packing up the house a little for 5days a week.
And cost will be almost similar or less than a FT helper.

Is any fairy god mother to fulfill this simple wish of mine/many working mummies out there...???