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Prevacid for infant silent acid reflux?

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    Prevacid for infant silent acid reflux?

    Hi all, I have a 5 week old who started being very fussy 3 weeks ago. Seems like the only times she wouldn't cry were when she was sleeping or eating. Doctor said it was colic and prescribed Infacol (did nothing) and Coloief (mild improvement). I think she has silent reflux as her cries sound like she's in pain, she cries after most feeds and I can hear her swallowing all the time. I've tried eliminating dairy, propping up her cot, feeding upright and keeping her upright for 30 mins after eating... Nothing works. Dr prescribed Prevacid which I just started tonight after much reluctance to medicate. Does anyone have any experience with this medicine or any advice in general? It's very distressing having my baby cry so much in pain. Thanks

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    My son suffered from silent reflux and was on prevacid (or rather takepron which is the Japanese brand). I was also reluctant to medicate, and for my son, there was no clear indication of need because he was gaining weight, which seems to be like the holy grail for pediatricians. Gaining weight, he's fine, never mind that we can't lay him down for a nap ever. Just getting it diagnosed was a struggle, but finally a doc in central did and prescribed the medication and it did help to an extent.

    I talked to mums who've had the same problem with their babies. They assured me its safe. My cousin in the US who is a doc herself said the drug is considered safe. Another friend in the US whose family has a history of severe gastric reflux and whose child also had severe reflux has been on it for a while.

    As you said, as a mother, it's hard to see your child in pain. That was my motivation for using the drug too. It didn't solve the problem entirely but it gave both my son and us a bit of relief. By four months he was much better almost like magic and we could stop the medication.

    PM me if I can be of help. My son is now nearly 3 and I found I had to really think back while writing this post.

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