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Induction at QMH

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    Question Induction at QMH

    Hi everyone! I'm nearing my 40 weeks with no signs of baby coming anytime soon. I know things can happen in a split second but I was wondering if public hospitals such as Queen Mary does induction.

    Since 37 weeks I haven't been able to sleep, have sciatic pain, back pains and not gaining weight. I've also experienced preterm and false labour in the last 5 weeks. I've been going to MCHC for my check ups and seeing a private doctor. If I don't give birth before or on my due date (early next week), does any body know what the steps QMH would take? I know every heavily pregnant soon to be-mum experiences this, but I am feeling miserable and just unable to cope anymore.

    I hope that someone can help shed some light...

    Thank you!

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    You're in the final stretch. How often are your MCHC appts? I would think they will let you go over by a few days and then start discussing the possibility of an induction. How about trying some natural ways to induce labour?

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    Hi everyone,
    Has anyone had induction at QMH? What is the procedure there?
    Do they let you go straight to birthing room after induction or do you have to wait it out in labour ward?
    Is there excessive monitoring, so you are forced to lie down?
    Anyone with recent experience of induction at QMH?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I had an induction at the UCH, but I am sure the procedure will be the same in all public hospitals.

    You are given a date and time for admission, then once all paperwork is complete you have to wait on the ward for the Dr to access you, they do a urine test and monitor babies heartbeat while waiting. If the Dr gives the ok, you will be given a pessary, this is a tablet that is administered vaginally, you then have to wait on the ward for contractions to start. They keep checking you every so often and monitor the baby. If you don't start labour they repeat again the next day. if after 3 attempts it didn't work this is called a failed induction and you will be given a C section, which is what happened to me.

    Nobody explained that an induction can fail, so I was very surprised to find I had a 4 day stay BEFORE my baby was born. I hope it works for you first time as it's not much fun being stuck in hospital.

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