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Questions about going private + public

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    Questions about going private + public

    Hi all,

    My wife's having a baby in Hong Kong next year, and we're planning to see a private ob/gyn and deliver the baby at a public hospital. We registered at Princess Margaret Hospital over the weekend, and they automatically set up appointments for initial consultation and tests.

    In order for her to deliver the baby there, do we have to go to the appointments to have a record there, or can we just ignore the appointments and go back there closer to the delivery date? And if anyone could recommend any good ob/gyn in a central area, I'd really appreciate it.


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    It's worth going for the nt scan/blood test at 11 weeks and anatomy scan at 20 weeks because they're free.

    The other check ups you don't need to go to but they like to be kept informed - especially if any complications arise during the pregnancy.

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    If you want to skip their appointments, you can just tell them so and ask them to make one for you further along. I've done that at my local MCH, and they're fine with it. They encourage you to give them a copy of the major tests that Aquarian mentioned above and also to come in for appointments in the final weeks of the third trimester. In a way, if you know you aren't going to be going, it's a courtesy to let them know or to cancel in advance as their system is quite full.

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    I did all the basic routine stuff at the public hospital because its free rather than paying a private doctor to do basic blood pressure and urine tests every couple of weeks. We did however go to see the private doctors for the big tests and scans 12 weeks and 20 weeks to make sure we got a full run though of all the findings. The public system, whilst obviously knowing their stuff, doesn't share much information with you as the patient unless they see a problem but we really wanted to know everything so private doctors are more willing to give you all of this information and peace of mind.
    The public hospitals ask me if I've been having private apps every so often because i think they must expect most expats do. They dont seem to mind at all, they just ask for copies of the results if any tests are done.
    I think if we'd done all routine apps with a private doctor it would have been best to book some kind of package with them as costs can mount up otherwise.

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    My 20 week scan at Tsan yuk (public) was fantastic - the doctor showed me everything on the screen and told me exactly what we were looking at ie kidneys etc..... Also as I was paying for a picture she told me to go for a walk and come back in 30 mins just so baby would move position and picture would be better. Was really pleased with my experience - even counted all the toes/fingers and showed me the different chambers of the baby's heart etc.... Couldn't fault it really and gave me the print out of info to go in my maternity records book with the measurements.

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    My scans were fantastic as well!! We ended up having 4 or 5 extra ones as there were cysts in my baby's head and this could be a marker for downs. They were very thorough and explained to us that the chances of downs we're very low as it was only one marker, which could actually show up quite often (we've actually got 3 sets of friends who had exactly the same thing). In the end the cysts got smaller and smaller until they disappeared, but they still gave us extra scans just to make sure. In these scans they checked everything, even though it was supposed to be just to check on the cysts. They could not have been more thorough!!

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