Hello, I just knew I was pregnant last week and have visited OBGYN Clement Chan (Manning House) last Saturday. However, for the 9 months that I have been visiting him because we were preparing to be have a child and he found a cyst (2cm left ovary), he has seldom been nice and mostly keeps you coming back to have ultrasounds, blood test, MRI even! Also, he makes me feel very stupid for asking questions -- honestly, even I dont know why I kept coming back and telling you the worst scenario first that scares you like hell! But last Saturday was the last straw, his nurses had asked me to pee to check whether I am pregnant, waited 1hr 30m and had just 1 minute consultation with him--just to tell me Congrats and that I need a blood test to check the HcG. No exaggeration..it really was just for 1 minute and was charged 830hkd for it! After that, while I was sitting in the waiting area, he just called out to say that he'll be giving me meds. I asked if it was Folic Acid because I am already taking it and he said it was hormones, not Folic Acid. I had to pay 1750hkd for everything (PT, Consulation, Cyclogest 400g 15pcs and blood test). It was such a horrible experience, good thing I have an aunt in another country that is an OBGYN. Cyclogest is mostly given to patients who have been bleeding and I have not had bleeding/exprienced pain.

My sister has an OB: Wilfred Wong Se Hung and my friend has Lam Man Ho, both say they that their OB is the best because they spend time with their patients and checks them thoroughly and is not irritated when questions are asked. Would you happen to have experience with these OBs?

Sorry for the loooong intro. :-)