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Need help urgently!

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    Need help urgently!

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and I am residing in Belgium. My husband plans to transfer to HK in Jan 2014 for his job. I will be around 7 months pregnant by then. My concern is about getting a space in the hospital. I have heard that it is pretty hard to get a space in any hospital if I make a reservation too late. Just called Sanatorium hospital and they told me to go down to HK when I am 20 weeks pregnant for a consultation and to book a place. I have a gynae in Belgium and I don't understand why they insisted that I need to see the doc and do a scan. Also, if I go down earlier just to book a space, I will not have the insurance provided by my husband's company for this. (Since we have not officially transfer to HK this year). If I wait till Jan 2014 to book a space, will it be too late? My baby is due April 10 2014. Please advise! Thanks!

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    In order to make a booking at a private hospital in HK, you need to choose a doctor who has the right to deliver at that particular hospital - that doctor then needs to do a blood test and ultrasound scan in order to put your name down at the hospital. If a bed is confirmed for you, then you also need to pay a deposit (all private hospitals here require a confirmation deposit) which, as far as I know, your insurance wouldn't cover, anyway.

    I would think trying to book at almost the third trimester mark is pretty late for HK. But this is all if you want to go private - the public system would allow you to deliver for next to nothing. Bare bones and not very comfortable, but medical services provided are excellent. There are many, many threads on this forum about delivering in public hospitals - I'm sure you can get an idea of what the process is like by reading through them.

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    Congratulations - I'm also due 10th April, fairly new to HK and trying to navigate the medical system!
    Could you contact a couple of obstetricians here advising them of your situation asking them whether they would take you on as a patient once you arrive and provide your remaining care and delivery? I'm sure your current doctor would provide authorisation and documentation of your pregnancy to your new obs via email.
    You would probably have to select a hospital based on recommendations from people on here (baring cost in mind and the level of your insurance cover).

    You can usually get an idea of price by looking at the hospital website and emailing the doctors practice.

    My dr has done the booking with the hospital directly and they've just contacted me for a deposit via email. No need to have visited.

    I hope this helps you!

    Cat x

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    Congratulations! Here's a list of Drs and their fees. You can try contacting them and see if they can help you book a hospital bed.

    Pre-natal Charges & OB-GYN Fees in Hong Kong 2013 - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    With the freeze on Mainland Mums giving birth in HK, I hear it's easier to book a hospital bed.

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