To anybody thinking of doing this, here are some points to consider

1. There is a minimum of two weeks from after you discharge and settle all bills from hospital you have to wait before the hospital sends the birth return to the registry. Only then can you book an appointment to get the birth certificate which is key to everything else.

2. Obtaining HKSAR travel documents takes 14 working days. This process will give the child an ID card and passport at the same time. Forms required for this process are ID842, ROP3 and ID641. Available from ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - ? ? ? ? ?. Might be handy to book an appointment to do this because of the huge number of people at the offices.

3. Getting Australian Citizenship by Descent takes 10 working days. The document for this is Form 118. This requires an Identity Declaration. This doesn't necessarily have to be done by an Australian Citizen, rather a person of a specific occupation as listed in Form 118 is more critical. Recommend you get to the consulate early (before opening) to avoid queues.

4. Following that, application for an Australian Passport takes a further 10 working days. In HK, you cannot get this priority processed (we tried). The form for this is online at You will need to find someone to be a Guarantor. A bit simpler if this person is an Australian citizen but otherwise, it can be a person of a specific occupation.

Hope this helps!