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Greenfield Kindergarten (Ma On Shan) any good?

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    Jerry_F is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2013

    Greenfield Kindergarten (Ma On Shan) any good?

    My kid got accepted in Greenfield Kindergarten (Ma On Shan). I wasn't really impressed at the interview:

    - it's small,
    - they seem to have hired a young foreign blonde to show they are international,
    - according to the video they showed, they give crappy food to the children, a sponge cake and some yellow liquid

    Does anybody have experience in Greenfield Kindergartens, in particular the Ma On Shan branch? She would have the option of continuing in the local nursery she now goes to. I think it's friendly, and she likes it, but it's a local Cantonese nursery, which might be "less prestigious" than Greenfield, and therefore she can't go to a good primary school after that?

    Greenfield is $43,480/year, while the local Cantonese kindergarten is free. Of course I can afford it, but is it worth it? If the education is the same, I can spend that money for private music, dancing, drawing lessons, and a holiday in a farm in Taiwan or something, which are also educational.

    The goal is to give my kid a good education, while also be able to go to university (my kid) and retire at 65 (me).

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    victoryu19 is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2013

    Not sure about the one in Ma On Shan but the TKO one is below average in my opinion.

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    Jennie Newlove is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    I was just wondering what local kindergarten you use?
    I am new to HK and Ma On Shan. I have a 20 month old daughter and would like to look at my options for local rather than international kindergartens - sorry I am no help answering your questions but I would really appreciate your opinions.

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