Hi Ladies,

We all know that we were promised an easy nine months of pregnancy, beautiful warm glow, shiny hair, radiant skin, the perfect excuse to eat as much food as we want, and bigger boobs. But instead, we were also cursed with gas, insane food cravings, out of whack hormones, unwanted residency in the bathroom (morning sickness and endless peeing), back pain, pregnancy brain, and ugly swollen feet.

Regardless of all our ups and downs, we can’t help but admit they were some of our best months in life.

Write to us and share your stories of what you miss the most from your pregnancy (the royal treatment, feeling your baby kick for the first time, getting away with eating pickles and ice-cream at odd hours, etc). We’ll collect them all and publish them in a very special article… featuring you!

Who: You, the mamas of GeoBaby!
What: Your favourite memories from your pregnancy
When: From now until Nov 4 (Monday)
Where: The story will be posted on GeoBaby.com
How: Simply e-mail [email protected]
Why: Because it’s so fun to share stories – and isn’t that what our GeoBaby community is about?