Hi I didn't use POW but gave birth at pamella youde - eastern hospital in jan. they have a very similar set up. No hubby in labour ward, except during visiting hours. They were also very strict on this and wouldn't even let hubby in to say goodbye to me - he had to go home and get my bag and by the time he got back visiting hours had ended...
They didn't want him in the dilivery room either and tried very hard to get rid of him on several occasions. They lied to me when I was taken in for my epidural saying my husband hasn't arrived yet - he was standing outside the locked doors - they told him I didn't want him there, which he know was a lie. So when a nurse came out for another reason he walked in a found me much to their protests and then he just refused to leave. They wanted him to leave every time they did something ie,l: check my cervix, put a drip in, put a cathitor in. He just refused and stood his ground they eventually got the pic after about 3 hrs and stopped asking him to leave. My husband is a pretty stubborn man so this worked well.

Saying that a friend gave birth at POW and they were less strict. Just make sure you tell your hubby to stand his ground. Not allowing them in labour ward I understand as there are other people in there and it's not always pretty and dignified. But as soon as you go to delivery room make sure he's there.

Congrats and all the best with your delivery