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Moving to HK with 4 month old baby

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    Moving to HK with 4 month old baby


    I am hoping somebody can give me advice on what it is like to move to HK with a young baby.

    I currently love in London and I am on maternity leave from my job as a clinical psychologist. My baby is 4 months old. My husband has been offered a job in HK and is really keen to go. I am much less sure... We are visiting HK in November to see if I like it.

    Has anyone been in a similar position and what were your experiences? How easy is it to build up a new network? Is it very hard being away from friends and family? We're you able to get a job in HK? Is it a good place to raise a family?

    Sorry for all the questions- I am finding it a difficult decision. I am particularly worried about the work situation as although I would like an extended period of maternity leave to look after my daughter I would eventually like to return back to work.

    Would you move??

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    You have started in the right place. This space has lots of people in the same position.

    We moved when I was 21 weeks and flew home for the birth and then came back when bub was 11 days old. It is a good place to live with kids - esp below high school and where we love in Discovery Bay (80% expat community).

    If you do come, your first priority is waiting lists for primary ( even if you don't plan to stay that long - be prepared as places are hard to get in international schools). But other than that the parent network is as strong as you want and you and bub can have a great social scene.

    Good luck with it.

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