Dorset Crescent (Kowloon Tong) is home to 3 schools for young children below the age of 5 years. Traffic conditions should be made safe for them to alight or board transportation to and from school.

Single solid yellow line and "no stopping sign" directly outside the school gates require drivers to stop very much further away from the school for these young passengers to alight. This is extremely inconvenient and unsafe as these young children have mobility and visual problems as they are not visible to oncoming traffic and are unable to react to oncoming traffic.

In addition, all spaces along Dorset Crescent where there are no yellow lines are parked with school buses. The bus drivers leave their vehicles unattended for 3 hours each time. This prevents other road users from stopping for the purpose of drop-off or pick up (where there are no yellow lines) and requires drivers to double park next to them. This causes greater traffic obstruction as other cars cannot pass and it poses greater danger for the young children who will then have to alight in the middle of the road, to walk along the road to school.

The purpose of imposing a "no stopping" rule in areas of high traffic flow is to prevent obstruction and causing danger to pedestrians and other road users. Imposing this rule along Dorset Crescent does the opposite.

For the safety of the young children attending schools along Dorset Crescent, private cars should be allowed to pick-up and set down passengers and not stop for longer than necessary, provided that no hazard or disruption is caused to other road users. The yellow line along Dorset Crescent should be removed.

Traffic police and wardens should be better educated and trained on regulations. Traffic police and wardens should not cause danger in locations that did not have an issue and should be re-allocated to duties and locations that prevent hazards or obstruction. They should not impose double standards whereby fines are given to drivers of private cars and not taxis or buses, where the code clearly states that they should be given to all. The road uses code states that the police will exercise discretion to allow driver of taxi, private car, private light bus and private bus to pick up and set down passengers with disabilities in restricted zones. Thus all taxis or private light bus or bus should also be given fixed penalty fines for alighting or picking up passengers along the restricted zone at Dorset Crescent. This was not true on 4 December 2013 at 0900h. When the double standards was pointed out to the traffic police, the officer replied that these fixed penalty fines are only for private cars. Taxis, private light bus or private bus are exempt. Why are these classes of vehicles given special privileges?

School buses parked unattended along Dorset Crescent should also be given fixed penalty fines to prevent obstruction to road users. They have been left unattended and are not even idling. They cause other drivers to be forced to double park along side them and do no make any attempt to alleviate the traffic situation. Yet when the traffic police were asked why, their reply was that these buses are not in the restricted zone. Yet these buses are also not in any licensed parking space and have been left unattended and are causing immediate hazard and obstruction to other road users.

This is not the first time that I am writing to make an official complaint about the Hong Kong traffic police department. The Hong Kong police and transport department are victimizing private car drivers simply because we are weak targets. They are happy to let the other road users (especially those with associations to organized crime) go freely about their business on Hong Kong roads as they are either harder to deal with or provide un-quantifiable benefits.