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Choosing a pre-school for my son

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    Choosing a pre-school for my son

    Dear all

    I have just came to hong kong from canada. I have been struggling to choose a pre school for my three-years-old son as he doesn't speak or read any chinese. would you please suggest any reputable pre school in hong kong. i live in the chai wan area. many thanks

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    There is Canadian International School in the Southern part of HK, but now it's extremely competitive just to get in. Do you want your kids to learn Chinese? My 2 kids are studying in Rightmind Kindergarten in Ap Lei Chau (also Southern part of HK). They have native English and Mandarin teachers and tons of music teachers. A lot of love and caring in the school. My kids love it. There are a couple of foreigners in the school as well and they picked up the Chinese just fine. You could never under-estimate a 3 yr-old kid.... :)

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    My son was very happy at TutorTime in Tai Tam, which wouldn't be too far for you from Chai Wan. It is bilingual (English/Mandarin), but Chinese knowledge isn't expected. My son attended TT's playgroup starting at around 1 1/2 years old (when we moved to HK) and completed the K1 (3 year old) class before enrolling in his current international school.

    TT in Tai Tam offers classes through K3 (6 years old), which would give you plenty of time to apply for and enroll him in a primary school for the next stage of his schooling.

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