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Difficulty burping baby

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    Red face Difficulty burping baby

    2 week old baby is drinking breastmilk but still hungry so is also fed with formula.
    When I feed him he seems to drink too quickly and then becomes difficult to burp.

    I've tried Tommie Tippe and Avent bottles with slow-release...the Avent seems to be the best. I've also tried slightly different methods to burp him...but he still seems slow...I burp him after each oz but it takes forever.

    Any other tips? I have Gripe Water but haven't used it yet. Also considered changing formula?

    Thanks! New and inexperienced Dad!

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    It will take awhile to burp a newborn. U can also try the 10 second rule which is placing ur baby down on a flat surface...count to 10 or 15 then pick him up and try to burp.

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    how do you burp? i have found that different kids AND different parents have very varied ways to burp.

    neither of my two kids worked with having them against/on my shoulder. with my first baby, it was best to sit him on my lap and slap his back until he burped.

    the second one would not work that way. for him it was best to have him on my lap and hold his neck to straighten the back and then circle his upper body around. no slapping/tapping at all.

    generally my learning also was that it was more important to ensure a straight back so the burp can travel up, rather than slapping/tapping their backs

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