I'd been looking for a healthy & safe heater for my baby's room for long, and finally I've found these amazing Natural Stone Heaters that perfectly fit the bill. Since it's a topic that has been much discussed - especially as there’s no central heating in Hong Kong, I thought I must share my experience with other mums, if that's of any help.

Healthy heating: the typical problem with every other heater was that they typically churn out hot air which not only leads to hot air circulation (carrying with it all the dust & presumably germs) but also dries out the air which makes the baby very uncomfortable. These natural stone heaters instead produce an amazing radiant heat that keeps the air fresh and easy to breathe without drying it out (so no need of any humidifiers). The quality of heat is so unique - almost like basking in the sun – you really need to experience it to know how good it is. Not only is the baby very comfortable, but the whole room, including the crib is nicely warmed up.

Safe heaters: There are no red hot heating elements (they are entombed deep inside the lovely smooth marble surface of the stone heater so you don’t even realize it’s a heater & not a decorative stone!) or dangerous crevices the little ones could stick their fingers in. Also, these stone heaters get installed up on the walls (as high as you want) so there are no wires or ugly oil radiators lurking around, no hot surfaces that babies could touch or trip over (or worse, tip them over!).

Also the heaters are totally silent so they let the baby (and the rest of us) sleep in peace. They come with smart room thermostats that automatically control the room temperature. Overall, I think they are a perfect solution for our heating needs, and what’s more they even look beautiful. They go by the name of Leo de Piero Natural Stone Heaters and are easy to spot on Google maps on the Hong Kong Island.