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Passport / visa requirements for baby born in HK to UK parents

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    Passport / visa requirements for baby born in HK to UK parents

    Hi everyone,
    I'm really hoping someone can help clear this up for me!

    My baby is due in April - both my partner and i are over here on a work visa (we hold HK ID cards) for the same company and we are both UK citizens.

    My plan was to register the baby for its birth certificate in HK then apply for a UK passport and HK visa however i have been told to apply for a HK passport for baby which will mean that a visa wont be required.

    I'm a little confused.... Will baby need both a UK and HK passport? HK ID card? Hold dual citizenship? What does it mean for the future?

    I also understand that British passports are no longer processed by the UK consulate here and need to be applied for online and couriered back here?

    There doesnt seem to be any one source of information!

    We're due to take the baby back to the Uk for a holiday in July so need to crack on and apply for necessary docs once born.

    I'm sure lots of people have gone through this so any info or advice is appreciated!!


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    Hong Kong

    Unless you or you husbands has Chinese ancestry, you will just apply for a British passport for the baby. You'll get a temporary HK visa when you get the HK birth certificate.

    Once you have this, and the British passport you can pop along to the Immigration Office in Wan Chai and get the temporary visa transferred into the British passport.

    Note: you can't book online for this, so best to turn up at 8:15am and queue for 9am opening. You'll be done by 10:30 probably. No need to bring the bub.

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    Hi there, I'm a British Citizen too and baby was born a year ago. He has HK birth certificate which automatically allows him to be visa free in HK. As I am British Citizen, he automatically gets British Citizen status and passport too. I just took my own passport and baby birth cert to immigration in admiralty and passport was sent through the post around 3-4 weeks later. Baby is also eligible to hold hkpassport too and apply for china card.

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    Aug 2013

    Thanks both of you - that's really helpful :)

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