I had 2 regular checkups within the last 2 weeks (I am week 33 now) and both nurses told me the head is in the pelvis area and the bum on the top.
I had a scan yesterday in a private clinic and they did tell me my baby is in a breech position, not facing down.
I can't believe those nurses cannot even distinguish between head and bum!
During today's checkup the nurse said, oh yes, the head is here (pelvis area) and I said "no" and pointed to my upper belly "it is here". She was surprised, asked if I did a scan. Then she touched my belly a bit more and then admitted that it is indeed the head and not the bum.
I am shocked!!! Losing my confidence in the public system. My baby's head is very easy to feel and it is obvious that it is indeed the head (round shaped, hard).