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English or mandarin speaking confinement lady?

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    skylab_888 is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    Hi all!
    I got mumita's viewpoint. Getting CL is helful in someway, especially to mothers wellbeing. And especially to mothers who are from asia than to europeans mothers who are more independent. First ask yourself what is the priority, issues and concern? Then sort out.
    Anyway newborn care is really a tough job to those who havent experienced yet and first time moms. But not so to those who has passion on doing so and have joy to what they are into. I actually consider this career as a calling. For me its not a job but a joy holding newborns. Thousand newborn babies come across my arms and each one is unique overwhelming experience. My point here is look for someone you can trust your newborn. Listen to your instinct and follow your heart. Cheers!

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    Lemonsorbetto is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2014


    If you still need one, my confinement nanny speaks mandarin (originally from china) and will be available after July when her contract with me is up.

    Her daytime shift is 8 hours a day, flexible in terms of hours, for HKD 17k. She is also certified in a few courses like infant care and nutrition.

    I would recommend meeting the nannies first before you commit as this person will be essentially you/ your baby's primary caretaker for a few weeks.

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    jilllovesred is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2013

    When are you due?

    From what I know, most confinement ladies in HK won't know English, but fluent in Cantonese and conversational Mandarin.

    I'm due in May and I secured my confinement lady back in December. I went through agencies first and had interviewed several, however I wasn't impressed. I think it's important to be recommended a confinement lady. An auntie of mine referred a really good one to me, she's highly recommended (recommended by several local drs who had used her themselves). I interviewed her and felt comfortable with her, easy going and actually cared about you. (The previous agency ones looked like they were choosing YOU rather than the other way around and some were ridiculous with their requests).

    My confinement lady is going to stay with us for 26 days, 24 hours a day. Currently her fee is $28K but may increase due to high demand.

    If your due date is quite far away I could let you know how I go with mine, then recommend her to you? Let me know :)

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    alicialmy is offline Registered User
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    May 2012
    hong kong

    Hi zergmei, I am due nov. would like to find out if I can get the contact of your pui yuet, thanks!

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    luvyx is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2013

    Hi Jilllovesred,
    I'm due in December for my 2nd. The confinement lady I used for my 1st was a nightmare, and I truly wish to find a CL with recommendations.
    Could you please share the contact of your CL? Thank you very much!

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    Zergmei is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010
    Hong Kong

    Hi all! my nanny just went back to Malaysia yesterday after 56 days (2 months). I didn't expect to be so sad for her to leave. Time flies! My son was born 3.1kg at 37.5 weeks and he was 7.1kg on Sunday @8 weeks. She did such a good job! I wish I had gotten her for my #1 in 2010. I wouldn't have been so depressed then. Sorry though her schedule is full till after Chinese new year 2015. I was telling my husband to be careful not to try for #3 till she is available!

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    Chobes is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2014

    Hi zergmei, jilllovesred, lemonsorbetto - im seeking a recommended confinement lady for my first baby due Aug this year. Would you mind sharing your CLs contacts with me? Thanks!!

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    maternitynurse's Avatar
    maternitynurse is offline Registered User
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    May 2007
    Hong Kong/France

    I can't help but smile politely when I read that people think that anyone over 50 years old is 'old and needs their sleep' because I am a professional Maternity Nurse and Sleep Consultant and 52 years old but I manage to look after single babies and even multiple babies on just 4 hours sleep. I am still smiling and cheerful at the end of the booking which can sometimes carry on for 4 months. After 30 years of doing this experience has taught me to be far more flexible in my work and with parents and to adapt to them. The point of saying all this is that a very thorough interview is the key to finding out whether the person who you choose to offer you guidance and support might have the same views on baby are and not the other way round.

    Professional Maternity Nurse, Breastfeeding & Sleep Consultant, Multiples & PND Carer

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