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English or mandarin speaking confinement lady?

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    I can't help but smile politely when I read that people think that anyone over 50 years old is 'old and needs their sleep' because I am a professional Maternity Nurse and Sleep Consultant and I am 52 years old. I manage to look after single babies and even multiple babies on just 4 hours sleep per day. I am still smiling and cheerful at the end of the booking which can sometimes carry on for 4 months. After 30 years of doing this, my experience has taught me to be far more flexible in my work with parents and to adapt to their beliefs. The point of saying all this is that a very thorough interview is the key to finding out whether the person who you choose to offer you guidance and support might have the same views on baby care and not the other way round. You are the parents and it is ultimately your choice how you like things done.
    Professional Maternity Nurse, Breastfeeding & Sleep Consultant, Multiples & PND Carer

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    Hi there. Could u share ur confinement lady's experience with me? Kindly whatsapp me at +852 90929962. Thank u!

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    Hi Zergmei,
    In fact, i am Malaysian looking for Malaysian confinement lady, could you share her contact details? Can PM me if more convenient?
    Or whatspp me 91791876

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    Talking about confinement nanny, I remember in Oct where we were welcome our new born again, the experience is both an ordeal and rewarding at the same time. The ordeal started when after my wife delivered, she has not been able to rest well during her stay in the hospital because she was constantly ‘harassed’ by nurses to latch her infant during feeding hours. We are already third time parents and we do not want to be burden by breastfeeding thoughts we kept giving repeated instructions to the nurses that we do not want to latch our infant during my wife stay but still they are adamant. Finally, we are able to discharge without the nurses senseless comment about not latching and no breastmilk....! What an ordeal!

    Back home, our confinement nanny (whom we have engaged all the way from Singapore) had also arrived. She was Liong, our far fetched confinement nanny. She was able to speak English, Chinese, Cantonese and equipped with excellent skills in cooking my wife's confinement food. Our experience with Liong was overall a rewarding and was in a great partnership too. During her first week with us, she helped us to get our infant to settle down and build back our ‘dirty and messy home’. But already on her first day with us, Liong took the initiative to ease my wife’s agony over possible breast engorgement by aiding us with useful handling tips and diet help first and then sit down with us to understand ‘our ‘ idea confinement practices. Liong was young (early forties) and a very fast worker, I appreciate very much. I presume because our age is near… that’s why we ‘click’ very well!
    Her ideal of hygienic practices was in line with our habits and she is even more adamant to adhere to rules of cleanliness than us! We had a elder at the age of 4yrs earlier and she has became ‘close & attached’ to her and thus she is able to help her easily (e.g. bath, meals and also her bedtime). With this, Liong has actually shown us that she is not at all calculative in scope of work. She can actually handle both, my children and infant in a room to herself and we are blessed with ‘precious time’ to rest and to bond.
    Without having a maid in our house, we actually ‘appreciate’ initiative help from Liong, her friendly and ever eagerness to help puts our mind and hearts at ease. We are actually writing this during my wife’s 3rd week of confinement as we had the impression that we are not able to spare anytime to write up for her after her 28th days.

    You can too enjoy. Engage her at: +65 92996331 (May) Singapore

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