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QMH 3rd stage of labour procedures

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    QMH 3rd stage of labour procedures

    I recently went to the labour/birth plan talk at QMH and the issue of cord clamping and oxytocin was only briefly mentioned.

    Was anyone allowed to delay cord clamping/cutting until pulsating had stopped?

    Has anyone opted to not have oxytocin? If so, do the midwives massage the uterus and not tug cord to get placenta out?

    I want to try physiological 3rd stage labour(no meds) to deliver placenta and contract uterus, but from what I've read, this works best only if cord clamping is delayed, and uterus is massaged to allow placenta to drop on its own, without tugging.

    Would love to hear from any mums who have recently given birth at QMH and tried the natural route for stage 3 labour

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    It's important to know your plans for other stages. Because giving birth for a baby with oxitocin usually needs additional oxitocin while giving birth to placenta.
    I gave birth at QMH 2 years ago. All stages in physiological way. My water broke first and there were no contractions, I was highly recommended to get oxitocin. Only 17 hours later I was told that if wouldn't deliver within 24 hours they take a baby to intensive unit for another 24 hours. I gave birth within an hour- because I wanted to breastfeed and was scared.
    Hope it helps...

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    I gave birth at Queen Mary in October and approached labor with the same concerns about 3rd stage intervention.

    As noted by Alinka, it's important to base expectations on previous stages of labor. I was warned frequently, both in antenatal visits and when I arrived at QMH in labor, that if I needed medication to speed labor, I should have the oxytocin injection immediately when my baby was born. In my case, labor and birth were spontaneous and unmedicated.

    I found the midwives to be highly amenable to the "wait and see" approach. I saw them refer to my birth plan (printed on bright yellow paper) frequently during the 3rd stage. The midwives informed me when the cord stopped pulsing and they were clamping it. My husband cut the cord. A midwife asked me to confirm that I did not want the oxytocin injection and discussed my options in case the placenta did not birth naturally.

    The midwives really communicated well at this point. I tried breastfeeding (baby wasn't quite ready) and the midwives did some massage, but my placenta wouldn't budge. After about 45 minutes, I agreed with the midwives that some intervention was prudent. I received an oxytocin injection and, when there was still no sign of the placenta, agreed to try traction on the cord. The midwife applied gentle pressure on the cord, and my placenta exited the womb shortly after.

    Overall, I feel my experience was really excellent. I went in with dismal expectations of the medical staff, but found the midwives to show a great deal of concern for my strong desire to avoid intervention.

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