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Princess Margaret Hospital Experiences

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    myeaman is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    Princess Margaret Hospital Experiences

    I'm registered at Princess Margaret Hospital (forced to since I live in Tung Chung), and wondering if anybody has had recent experience giving birth there. How were the doctors/ nurses/ midwives? What are their policies on husbands in the delivery room/ visiting hours? How much did you pay? Anything you can share would be fantastic.

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    Taibe is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    Hi myeaman, congratulations.

    My wife and I have just been to our first check-up at Princess Margaret Hospital, to be honest, we were not too pleased with the overal experience.

    From what we gathered all the other mothers to be were in their early stages and first time there, no nurses to guide you. You had to figure things out for yourself. Had to do the weighting, blood pressure test and urine test yourself. Nurse would tell people off for sitting in the wrong areas, no signs so you had no idea you're in the wrong place.

    Actually, coming from UK, barring the testing done by yourself, everything was what we expected. The NHS can't compare against much. The main problem was the other mothers to be, not going all political correct, they all seem to be queen bee.

    My wife who is normal very timid and careful with her money said, "can we go private, even if it's a general ward in a private hospital?"

    We are going to visit some private hospitals next week, with Union at the top of the list due to its location near our home. Looking at the prices online, we aiming for a twin room, but depends on what we feel when visiting, might go for a private room.

    I'm not knocking the service provided by Princess Margaret, just don't think my wife would be 100% comfortable there, especially after giving birth and in the ward.

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    The public hospitals are understaffed, so for a first time mum you may not get the attention hat you need, but the care is top-notch, and the cost is $100/day. If you have insurance or don't mind paying for private hospitals, then do have a look at Union / Baptist and St Teresa's on Kowloon side.

    Or, you could go the half half route and supplement your prenatal care with a Private Dr and then deliver at a Public Hospital. Dr Sally Ferguson is back in HK, and is not delivering but happy to do prenatal care. She is with OT&P.

    More on Half and Half here:
    Pregnant in Hong Kong: Public vs. Private Hospitals - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    myeaman is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    Thank you for your response!

    I had my first check up there on Monday, and I too was not pleased.

    My appointment slip sent me off to Block B, but it didn't appear to be the the centre of Obstetrics care. Did you visit the actual Obstetrics ward?

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    lululuk87 is offline Registered User
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    I gave birth to my daughter at St thereas's back in 2011 when everywhere was over crowded and there were tensions over mainlanders everywhere, I didn't enjoy my experience there at all. I'm pregnant again now so was thinking of trying to public system but after one check up at Princess Margret I quickly changed my mind. I found it to be very unorganised like people have mentioned, but being British bed side manner bothers me. I found nurses and doctors there to be rude, unfriendly, cold and very brash. Different departments are better than other, my daughter was sick when she was younger and the care and doctors were fantastic, but for the ob-gyn department it was nothing to be proud of. We've decided to book the union as they are smaller and less superficiel than some of the other private hospitals. Also they've just ammended their policies on breast feeding and it really seems very good. It's such a vulnerable and wonderful time, its worth spending the extra money so that you can actually enjoy the experience. Good luck :)

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    Taibe is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2014

    myeaman, you was at the ultrasound scan department in the main building. The follow up checks, no scan, are in block K, but the delivery rooms are in another part of the building, haven't read all the docs yet.

    Our first ultra in the main building was quite plesant, hardly a wait, a queue of 3 people. The nurse was quite informative and patient with our questions.

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    indianat is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2013

    I gave birth in PMH and was delighted with the quality of care I received.

    It's bewildering the first time and many nurses don't have good English so they can appear abrupt. The second time is easier and at subsequent visits you don't even think about it. There are many people waiting for the drs but I have heard of v long waits for private drs too.

    I was high risk and I couldn't fault the care I received. I expected, beforehand, that there would be differences in culture, communication and approach than what I'm used to. Like a lot of things in HK it's not worse it just different.

    Language wise I kept being grateful that they made the effort to speak to me - a visitor to their country- in my own language. I've lived in other countries where you needed an interpreter with you so HK is a breeze.

    In the wards they serve congee for breakfast. I hate congee and didn't eat it. Neither did many local ladies and they had their own food from home. It's a minor inconvenience - at least for me.

    Appointments and medicines are free. For the delivery it costs 100$ a day plus 50$ admin charge. I can buy a lot of cornflakes for what I saved vs private.

    If you want your maternity experience to be like home, wherever that is, don't go to PMH. But if you want a professional medical experience and can tolerate a few abrupt nurses and congee for breakfast then keep your money and go to PMH.

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    littlehope is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2014

    I am also forced to register at PMH and have stayed in PMH x2 for emergency (high risk pregnancy). i had the worse experience there.
    1. Linens are dirty with stains. Even the ultrasound room linen had fresh red blood stained and they didnt bother to change them.

    2. During my stay i had severe abdominal pain due to fibroids. Asked the resident doc for pain relief (at 8:30pm), waited 45mins and nothing. Request totally disregard/forgotten/ignored. Until the pain subsides on its own without pain relief. Again at 10pm went to see the stationed nurse and requested for pain relief. They were very helpful and took immediate action.

    3. The doc in training doesnt seem to know what they are doing. And you dont get to see the head doctor during check ups. Doesnt really give me full confidence to trust them. I've already filed 2 complaints at PMH.

    If you have the chance look for other hospital.

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