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Tutor Time Dorset Crescent

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    divamom is offline Registered User
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    Tutor Time Dorset Crescent

    Hi moms
    Iv seen a few old reviews on Tutor time in Kln Tong. Does anyone have any updated info about them. Are your kids happy there? Teachers good?

    Considering between PIPS in elements and Tutor Time and would appreciate any info that any of u can give me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Zergmei is offline Registered User
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    Yes kids are very happy
    the tutortime at suffolk is better for playgroup and pn.
    but all the K1/2/3s have to go to Dorset

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    feefee is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2013

    My 2yr old son is currently in the nursery class. The kids all love going to school. Teachers happily greet them & parents Ive spoken to are glad their children enjoy school. The main reason I chose TT was the 50% English & 50% Mandarin taught in class. Plus the parent website keeps us updated of things they've learnt & done in class. This year we're lucky to have very dedicated & committed teachers. I find they've put in so much effort into their class activities & reporting to parents too. Happy all round! :)

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