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School options - 2.5-3yo son?

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    School options - 2.5-3yo son?

    Hi - it's looking likely that we'll be moving to HK from Sydney later this year when my son will be nearing 3yo.

    I need to start researching the HK preschool/school options but wondered if I could cheekily ask what stage of preschool/school he will be entering in HK and what we should consider in terms of steps to take now.

    We might be in HK longer term so getting into a good school is important. We like the idea of an international school or ESF (for now, let's just assume we have the budget ….) and we are very conscious that we need to act as soon as possible to manage issues with wait lists etc.

    We just moved to Sydney from London so are very familiar with lack of demand for childcare/schooling. The school start dates differ between Australia and UK and I'm getting my head around further potential changes. I imagine that HK follows UK/Northern hemisphere system and he'd be starting school in the year that he turns 4 in September?

    Any high level advice would be great.

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    Ok will do my best to answer your questions. Its been a while for me. A 3 yr old should be entering their first year of Kindy, so K1. The New school year starts in August or September 2014. ESF Kindergarten application period ended Oct 31st, 2013. You can still try to apply but I don't think your chances will be good.

    Do you know where you plan on living? Some other established Kindys are Tutor Time, Woodlands. The newer ones which may be easier would be Mills International (Kowloon), Eton in Tai Tam, Bebegarten in Aberdeen.

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    Thanks so much for the reply. I've just spent some time on the ESF websites and noticed that cut-off date for K1 for next year! I imagine that this also makes getting in to K2 quite difficult as the kids just move up a class so you're basically waiting for kids to leave the school.

    Not 100pc sure where we will be living but were thinking Happy Valley. Husband will work in Central. Thanks for the other suggestions - will get online and take a look.

    The whole school/education stress thing cannot be escaped can it..?! It's a world wide issue.

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