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Dr Choy-Care for Women.

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    Thanks Annalee. We have decided to change, as it has made me feel quite nervous. Any recommendations for alternative Obs? Someone good and cheaper. Will it matter that we had our initial care with another doctor?

    Thanks again,


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    I'm assuming you've had tests done on your first visit, correct? You can take those to your new OB and save the time & money already spent on your first visit.
    As for OB's there's quite a few good ones out there. PM me and I'll mgs you a list of the ones Ive spent some time researching.

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    Definitely switch if Dr Choy is not right for you. She isn't for everyone. She is expensive, matter-of-fact and scientific. If you want someone who's going to hold your hand and cry with you while you watch your ultrasound scans, she's not for you.

    She is however the person that helped me get pregnant when I could not and then helped to sustain those pregnancies making sure those babies were in prime condition when they came out.

    I knew about the court case before I went to her (this incident happened 9 years ago and the parents are somewhat famous so it's been covered quite a bit..They were naturally devastated when they lost their baby and so is suing the hospital, the pediatrician and the OB. ) but still went with Dr Choy because she was right for me. She gave me answers that other OBs could not. After trying for 2 years, Dr Choy had me pregnant in 2 cycles.

    I have 3 healthy children thanks to dr Choy...and though her fees are high... I find she is in line with all the other private hospital OBs in HK.

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    In case you missed the new yesterday.

    Dr Christine Choy Banned for 24 Months

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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