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IUI advice please!

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    Hi Brubaby,
    Thank you for your advice (and sorry I never replied at the time). Just to update you. We did go to the Woman's Clinic in the end and I saw Doctor Mok. My experience was just as you described. A lovely lady, but I always felt very rushed and felt that I had to do a lot of research myself as we went along, simply because very little detail was given and I think if was assumed I knew what she was talking about! Having said this, the initial consultation was much more relaxed and the procedure was explained well. Wait times were fine, usually no more than 30 mins, but again the checkout to collect drugs etc was a much longer wait at times- 2 hours at worst!!! I would also add to never bother e-mailing, they never reply!

    Sadly after 2 IUIs, I did nog get pregnant and to be honest, whilst a fairly simple process in many ways, the rushing to and from Central after work was quite stressful ad then feeling rushed and feeling that she didn't have time (in and out of the room) was not helpful when feeling relaxed is an important aspect of success! hence we have put things on hold.

    Thank again to you and all the other ladies for advice. I wish you all luck in your own journeys to pregnancy!

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    I found a lot of information on IUI's from The have a huge section on it and videos/articles from Drs. and experienced IUI patients. I hope it helps you like it's helped my husband and I. Good luck to you!

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