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Dressing a newborn

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    Dressing a newborn

    My due date is May 7 and I'm a first-timer. So I would like some advice on how to dress a newborn. How many is enough? Asian families tend to put on so many layers. I would like to get a hold of some western perspective. Thanks.

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    Grumbler is offline Registered User
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    hospital told us to check whether their hair is damp or not. also check the upper back. if it's too hot, dress up. right now, we put her in an onesie and then another sort of like a swaddle blanket. Make sure the room temperature is reasonable. Right now, we try to keep it below 25, but it's hard to do in HK.

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    generally speaking a baby should wear what you would plus one. so, if you would wear a single t-shirt, then perhaps an undershirt and a t-shirt would be fine.

    i teach baby/child playgroups and can tell you that some of the kids come to school in 24C weather with 7 layers... it is absolutely ridiculous...

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    jilllovesred is offline Registered User
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    At my antenatal class the midwife told us the rule of whatever you're wearing plus one for the baby is sufficient. At any season.

    So summer- mum's wearing one layer, baby adds on one extra layer.
    Winter- mum's wearing two layers, baby has a total of 3.


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    I agree about the locals overdressing the kids! My MIL is local and dresses my little one in those thick quilted things - even though he's clearly sweating!

    Would love to add that Uniqlo has some wonderful mesh onesies for layering!

    Best wishes!!

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