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IUI sperm wash timing

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    Feb 2014

    IUI sperm wash timing

    I was wondering how long do people wait from the time the sperm sample is dropped off at the clinic to the actual IUI treatment. For my first IUI the sample was dropped off at 12pm for an IUI scheduled for 3:15. But due to OB delay I didn't get my IUI until 5pm. The sample was washed at 1:20pm. That's a gap of 3.5 hours which I think is too long? I read they should only be max 2 hours from wash to IUI to preserve viability of the sperm. Wondering what is the usual time for others having IUI in HK. I think the actions of the lab has a huge bearing on whether you get a successful outcome.

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    Hi brubaby
    Mine was always late...think it was around 2 hours late!

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