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operation again?

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    shankar.maru is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2011

    operation again?

    My wife is in early pregnancy. But she it's worried if the doctor week do an operation or normal delivery. Because she has already gone through the operation when our first baby was born. Does anyone know of there are high chances of operation if before there was operation during delivery? She also has blood pressure problems during pregnancy.

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    karhu is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2012

    Hi there, I know it is not a must that if your first is done c section your second would need to also. But there might be a higher chance for that from what I have heard, not really sure if medically needed or rather if some doctors just find it easier to control their schedule! If it is a high risk pregnancy then it's different story, high blood pressure as in preeclampsia would increase the chance of emergency delivery I think! It is best for your wife and yourself to talk to her OB to find out.

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