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The DB question

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    The DB question

    My husband (pilot) and I live on HK island and absolutely love it here but we recognize that it's not ideal for a new family. Can anyone who lives in DB recommend to me some reasons why u were happy with the move? I'm just not loving the concept. Need some first hand accounts of why its so good. Many thanks

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    Hi, I lived in DB with my boyfriend back then when I first moved to Hong Kong. Stayed there for a year and moved to Hong Kong Island. It wasn't for us as singles as we didn't feel like we fit in without a dog nor a baby. And my boyfriend worked very long hours back then. If he missed the 10:30pm ferry by 5 mins, he wouldn't be back home till 11:30. An extra 1 hr of sleep was a great help!

    We recently moved back to DB as husband and wife given I am expecting! DB is perfect for families! We love it there, so quiet and ppl are very friendly. The ferry is very comfortable and you always get a seat as compared to MTR. I feel that you need to be ready for DB in order to enjoy it!

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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    I live in DB and am expecting my first baby. I love living here - we've got a bigger apartment & a gorgeous sea view for a start. It's quiet, clean and peaceful. You can walk everywhere (safely) and the buses and ferries are regular enough that I never feel isolated from wider HK...25m from central is nothing, and we go over a least once a week. The community is the biggest thing though. There are sooo many young families here, like ready-made support networks, which I really appreciate now we are about to start our own family! It's definitely not for everyone, and I didn't love it here when I was single/not thinking about kids, but it's perfect for us now. Hope that helps!

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