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Helper on the phone for hours

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    Helper on the phone for hours

    Hi, i am a working mom with 15 months old baby. Our helper had been with us since our baby was 4,5 months old. She has been okay so far, but there is one issue that is bothering us until now. She is on the phone chatting for at least an hour in one go, and at least once a day in the afternoon, during her working hours. We told her before, during her first month with us that we want her to concentrate on taking care of our son, and not be on the phone chatting with her friends when our son is around and awake. She is free to chat when he is asleep, or in the evening, once i am home and can take a look on our son while she is busy with other stuff. She says okay to that and also to "a few reminder" we told her everytime we caught she was stil on the phone while she was supposed to take care of our son. Now after almost a year working with us, i stil caught her talking on the phone for hours. She stil get her housechore done because she use a handsfree to talk on the phone. But i just dont like the idea that my son is there the whole day just with this person, and this person is talking on the phone for hours instead of playing with him or talk with him. Last week i just told her again not to do that and now checking on the camera in our living room, i stil hear her talking on the phone for almost an hour already.
    Is this just me? Would you let your helper be on the phone while she is supposed to take care of your son? She seems to be okay otherwise, i heard horror stories about many other helpers and i dont want to loose her and afraid of getting any worse helper out there. Should i just tolerate the phone issue?

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    This is actually very common, I guess you have to take her as that. Or risk hiring a new helper that might be way too worse.

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    I dont like my helper talking on the phone while taking care of my kids and I dont tolerate that. You should be firm with the helper about this issue and if she doesnt respect you, i supposed you should not be needing that kind of helper. i used to be afaid of getting worse helper but the fact is my current helper is better than previous ones. It depends on your luck. But again for this phone talking issue, if you are not firm and bring up the isssue, she may think that you are okay with that. You can print a letter to address the issue and ask her to read and sign it as a sign that she does understand the issue.

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    You should have a word with her. Have noticed that things take extra long when they're on the phone. A previous helper would be chatting on the phone while cleaning the bathrooms and would take close to an hour.

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